A reader notes

Re: the Cardinal Mahony vs. Bishop Curry All-Star Mud Wrestling Extravaganza:

Regarding Bishop Curry. Bear in mind that the “Bishop of Santa Barbara” designation does not refer to a separate diocese. Thomas Curry is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. “Santa Barbara” is one of the “regions” of the Archdiocese as designated by Cardinal Mahony. Each auxiliary bishop is assigned to a region. Their authority seems to be minimal, not unlike an area dean. (Or maybe an archdeacon; or is that just in Barchester and the Church of England?)

So when he claims that the most eminent Lord Cardinal Mahony is resorting to tarradiddles, he is, in fact, referring to his immediate superior. Something most of us don’t like to do unless absolutely necessary. It seems the prospect of a term in the slammer may make the proper appropriation of blame of more moment than usual.

Is it now a case of “I know nothing!” vs. “I vas only following orders!”?

Thanks for the clarification. Oh, and “tarradiddles” is a way cool word.