One more bit on Reparations

It is a funny thing that those who think there might be something in an argument for reparations are often the same sort of people who think there is nothing in the Catholic doctrine of original sin. That doctrine does not teach that since your grandfather was a slave owner you are guilty and must pay. It simply says that when Adam and Eve lost the life of God they did not have it to pass on to us. It is, as Chesterton observed, the only Christian doctrine that can be proved by opening a newpaper. It’s not that we are guilty of our first parents actual sin, merely that we have the hole in our being that resulted from their loss.

Reparations chatter is a sort of perverted doctrine of original sin, not unlike the perverted notion that labeled Jews living long after the Crucifixion in nations far from the event “Christ-killers”. It is the attempt to charge descendants with the actual sins of their ancestors. But, as I’ve already said, it’s primarily an attempt to shake down a lot of people for a lot of money. If Africa were the moneyed place and America the poor one, the shakedown artists would direct their simulated outrage there.

Curious how so many modern evils are dependent on the perversion of some Catholic doctrine for their power.