Shakedown Convention in DC

One hundred and fifty years ago, my ancestors were a) in Canada, b) in Scotland, c) poor Irish farmers and immigrant horse thieves and d) far away from the awesome economic benefits slavery was allegedly conferring on “us”. I’m not related to anybody who ever owned a slave. I am related (by marriage) to somebody who fought to free slaves. I don’t know anybody who was a slave. Nor do you. My people, at the time in question where both Irish being oppressed by the English and Englishmen oppressing the Irish. They eventually came to America and Canada and married each other. Which raises an interesting question: will Tiger Woods and Halle Berry pay or receive reparations?

Listened to Michael Medved interview with Mary Hoover, some black academic from some college, who was making an incredibly spectacular ass of herself trying to palm this shakedown attempt off as something within hailing distance of Justice. The jig was up when Medved asked if she would demand reparations from African nations for selling her ancestors into slavery. She launched into this elaborate circumlocution about how slavery was culturally acceptable in Africa at the time (note: it’s *still* culturally acceptable in some parts of Africa, lady) and so it was all really okay, blah blah. Basic message: “We hope to use the politics of envy to soak somebody for a lot of cash. Africans don’t have this, so we’re not interested.”

God grant the black community in this country more Condoleeza Rices and a lot fewer Mary Hoovers, Sharptons and Jacksons. They are utter traitors to the cause of civil rights. How any rational person can even respect such people, much less take them seriously is beyond me.

The bright side? Look at the numbers: 2,000-3,000 in attendance. That’s rather a comedown from the 1963 March on Washington which was *really* about justice.