David Morrison asks excellent questions

The more I look at the behavior of some of our bishops, the more I simply have to wonder how indeed, they can sleep at night. I think I can’t be appalled more than I already am, and then it all hits you in the face afresh: Law’s deposition that I don’t know how to take as anything other than a tissue of intellectually insulting falsehood… or the draconian silencing of Fr. Sibley… or the mendacity of Cardinal Mahony… or the callousness and falsehoods of Bishop Imesch… or the appalling negligence of Bp. McCormack or…. well, you get the idea. Yeah, I wouldn’t weep to see several ecclesiat heads summarily roll after a day like today.

And then a little voice says, “Suppose I keep them there in my mysterious purposes? Will you bear that cross?”

It’s worth asking, since the omnipotent God seems to be taking his time about removing these guys. I wonder why. I really do. Is it simply due to sinful refusal by mortal men to obey him and kick them out? Is it self-evident that God obviously wants them out, or is there some reason he continues to allow them to afflict us with their scandalous behavior and hurt so many people, even when they don’t appear to be gaining any wisdom? God is never more inscrutable than in moments of pain. And yet, the Cross insists that we are, in such moments, often closer to God than at any other. What can we profit from this pain and frustration? Where is Christ crucified present in this?

No answers here. Just mulling.