Science writer tiptoes up to admitting Romans 1:20 is right about You Know Who

…but also hedges his language so the kids at the science playground won’t ostracize him from the peer group (“But creationists should not rejoice: even a god such as this can’t explain how things got so strange.”). Mustn’t be caught associating with those awful “creationists”.

I wonder how he knows what God is and is not capable of explaining, or even that he owes us an explanation. I also wonder how the fact that, as JBS Haldane observed, “The universe is not only queerer than we imagine, it’s queerer than we can imagine” is prima facie evidence that creationists are wrong to ascribe Creation to an infinite (and admittedly mysterious) God? I do hope theology one day regains her place as Queen of the Sciences. As Newman pointed out, when you get rid of theology, other and lesser sciences try to fill the vacuum, with the result that scientists make dumb magisterial pronouncements about what God can and cannot “explain” and Carl Sagan declares the cosmos is all there is or ever was or ever will be–as though he knows.

Just FYI, all believing Jews and Christians are “creationists”. Not all believing Jews and Christians are *six day* creationists or *young earth* creationists or *everything about evolutionary theory is a lie* creationists. We all acknowledge “God created the heavens and the earth” (contra shallow ninnies like Richard Dawkins and other Saganesque materialists). We simply are fuzzy on the details of how. Genesis is primarily interested in who and why questions regarding creation. Science is picking over the how, when and what questions.