I know what you are saying…

Odd Todd is actually able to pay his rent each month from the little tips that his readers give him for his website. Yet, Mark Shea labors day in and day out to write a blog that is vastly more interesting and edifying than Odd Todd and what have I dropped in his Pay Pal collection plate (conveniently located on the left side of the page)? Nada, zilch, diddly, zero, nuthin’. (And I know that because, till now, exactly three people have dropped something in the collection plate–since May.)

I realize, of course, that I am writing for Catholics who are not famous for their financial income and outpourings. And I’m not looking for a Medici. But still, it would help an emphatically lower middle class guy who is trying to eke out an existence as a writer (with five mouths to feed) and as somebody who is trying to do the Church some good with my scribbles, if you would consider dropping just a few shekels in the PayPal plate once a month. Not a king’s ransom, just a couple bucks. A tip. Think of me as a really different sort of street mime and the collection plate button as a cyber-hat. If this blog has been of use to you, then think about helping to keep it going that way. Thanks.