Fr. Wilson shares my sentiments:

He writes:

I really want to see this document. It may be that it is capable of being read as a denunciation of “proselytism,” which seems to be defined today as aggressive attempts at undermining the faith of others and converting them.

But if the document denies Jn xiv.6, well, there you go. On both the Catholic and the Lutheran sides there are intelligent folk who despise the Catholic/Lutheran Agreement on Justification as a huge fudging of real differences. I am wondering if we have the same sort of thing here — an ambiguous document capable of vastly different interpretations.

If a Jew is saved, he is saved through the Blood of Christ. If we do not proclaim that then we have no business calling ourselves Christian. I was once confronted in a synagogue breakfast I was addressing, about Christian attempts to convert Jews. And I said, “Look, folks. This is the deal. There is one Way, one Truth one Life, that He is Jesus. He is the Savior of all who are saved, whether they explicitly realize it or not. If you folks will be saved it is through His Blood. That is what I believe and I believe that because He revealed it to us. Now, I don’t expect that to thrill you. But on the day we start saying that Jesus is NOT your Savior, watch out — because we will be saying that you aren’t human.”

That made a big, and favorable, impression. Several people told me that they had never understood that before. None of them were bishops, as far as I know.