Victor Lams gives the latest scoop

No sir, anti-catholicism isn’t dead. Why Our Lady of Good Counsel (whose pastor so eloquently explained that authentic Catholic faith is pro-choice) was brutally persecuted by those awful people who defend innocent human life from destruction. Happily, however, the pastor of OLGC was able to threaten them with arrest (in a profoundly Christian way of course) and make sure that the plump and comfortable congregation and staff did not experience anything that would interrupt the dial tone of their conscience. As our Lord says, “Blessed are the comfy, for they shall live in suburbia.” To everyone’s great relief, Jennifer Granholm, ardent abortion supporter, is still able to have her election literature passed out at the Church door. So the right to abortion stands bloody–extremely bloody, in fact–but unbowed as authentic Catholic teaching at OLGC.

Cardinal Maida can still be reached at (313) 237-5816 and faxed at (313) 237-4642.