Bob Sungenis Demands an Apology

So: I’m sorry. My blog was not intended to offend and I’m sorry it hurt your feelings.

It was, however, intended to point out that there is a real danger in hitching your defenses of the Faith to utterly unnecessary (and frankly bogus) stuff like geocentrism and a non-rotational earth. The bit of silliness my reader sent in was written, remember, by a Catholic who shares your views, Bob, on about 9 out of 10 things (including women’s ordination). If men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry? Suppose you do several gigs on CNN and get the rep as “Voice of Catholic Orthodoxy” (TV networks tend to have small pools of people they call, which is why Richard McBrien keeps turning up as the “Voice of the Catholic Theologian” even though he’s a mendacious snob and there are thousand better priests and theologians out there)? Sooner or later, somebody out there in anti-Catholic land is going to notice your views on geocentrism and all the rest of it and you will have the wonderful joy of being the poster boy for every secular wahoo who wants to throw darts at the Church’s alleged “medievalism”. And they won’t be nearly as gentle as the little spoof my devoutly orthodox Catholic reader wrote. They will be endlessly, relentlessly vicious. Instead of being teased on a blog with a thousand readers for a day, you’ll be given the royal Ned Flanders treatment in front of potentially millions–perhaps for the rest of your life. And others along with you who share your views on other, essential, things but not your views on this utterly unimportant thing.

Nobody wants that for you, least of all me.

So was the teasing hurtful? Yes. And I’m sorry. Was it “vicious”? No. I don’t think so. It was to point out that your stance jeopardizes a lot more people than just you. (“You’re against women’s ordination? You’re like that guy that says the earth doesn’t rotate! HAHAHAHAHA!”) You make public statements (and it’s all there on your website Bob) you deal with the consequences.