A reader writes from Michigan:

Just saw your blog on Jennifer Granholm and the quisling priest who wrote an encomium to her. You should know that Our Lady of Good Counsel is Ms. Granholm’s home parish, where she is currently an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist (how’s that for sacrilege in action?) and has served in other public capacities. The clergy there fawn all over her and frequently drop her name from the pulpit. Ms. Granholm has used parish facilities there for campaign events. Ms. Granholm and OLGC have been an open sore of scandal in the Archdiocese of Detroit for years now. I guess being attractive, perky, and liberal are what make you a good Catholic at OLGC.

Granholm won yesterday. She’ll be the NARAL candidate for governor, thanks in part to Fr. Doc and the Stockholm Syndrome Catholics under his sway who voted for her. A grievous shame for the Church in Detroit.