Attn: Cardinal Maida! Here’s a priest who could do with shutting up

Fr. Doc Ortman of Our Lady of Good Counsel [!] delivers his ringing tax exempt endorsement of Michigan pro-abort gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Granholm:

Father Doc’s Den

August 4, 2002

Many people have come to me in the two weeks just past to ask about television ads which point out that Ms Granholm, our sister, is pro choice. The concern has come from a mistaken notion that being pro choice is equal to being pro abortion. However, choice is part of the very foundation of our Catholic Christian Community. There are some who would gloss over theological reflection for the sake of emotion; these people often end up persecuting other brothers and sisters through their ignorance. As disciples of the Lord Jesus we are required to pray for their good, and for their enlightenment.

The Lord God has created all people in absolute freedom. Every action we take, each word we utter, is a matter of choice. As Catholic Christians we understand that this Awesome freedom carries with it a grave responsibility. In light of the teaching of Jesus we make choices according to a well formed conscience – a conscience which is founded in the gospel which proclaims the blessedness of all people in any circumstances.

Scripture tells us that when God was finished creating, everything was good. The correct response to that good is a life which reverences and cares for all that God has made. This is our faith, and I know well that this is also Ms. Granholm’s faith as a Roman Catholic Christian person.

To say that one is pro choice is, for the Christian Community, an admission that we are created in freedom. This is a freedom that no state or government can grant or take away; it is a gift from the creator. By the same understanding it is a grave error to assume that the ability to freely choose actions and words is sinful.

For the past several weeks we have been persecuted by people who are living with a misguided notion of the freedom in which we are created. These people, signs in hand, are not interested in the reverence of God’s gift of life; they are concerned only with the threat of abortion. This is one small part of the reverence we are called to have for all that the Lord has Created. These people would have the state legislate the freedom that only God can give or take. The reverence of all life is a choice that we make according to our discipleship. It is a response to the love of God, in Jeesus, which leads us to reverence the unborn, the challenged, the elderly, the sick, the brilliant, the talented, the simple, the peacemakers…you get the idea.

Those who regard Ms. Granholm as a “heretic” do not understand, not do they wits to understand, that choice is itself a blessed gift. As with other things this blessing can b used for evil rather than for blessing.

Make no mistake, Christians are pro choice in the purest understanding of the term. We are free to choose between the Lord and the evil one. We are free to choose the Lord’s abundant and awesome love, and we are free to choose to deny it. The ability to choose is neither good nor evil. The choice made may be either. Many persecute because they choose not to hear or understand the depth of God’s gift of freedom. The freedom to choose is a gift in which to revel. It is not a heavy burden. The Lord has given us direction, and has asked that we CHOOSE according to what he says and does.

To borrow from the gospel…”Let those with ears to hear heed what they hear!”

Grace and peace,

Doc [Fr. Doc Ortman, associate pastor]

This despicable betrayal of Catholic teaching is alas, something else that Zero Tolerance machines are blind to. Fr. Ortman can be written here. More importantly, Cardinal Maida’s chancery can be phoned (313) 237-5816 and faxed (313) 237-4642. I think the bishop should hear about this.

And, in case you missed it, the satanic distortion is summed up here: “These people [he means opponents of abortion] would have the state legislate the freedom that only God can give or take.” Yes, and the same nasty people advocate laws which cruelly restrict my freedom to set fire to Our Lady of Good Counsel parish, or steal Padre’s computer or do all sorts of other things which free will makes possible. That’s what good laws do, father: restrain the evil effects of misuse of free will. Among the most egregious evil effects is the killing of the innocent by the plump and powerful: in other words, many of the members of your plump and powerful parish and their wretched, wretched pastor who calls good evil and evil good. Woe to you!