Chris Hart Thinks that I Think that…

VOTF is dead. I don’t. I think they will dither around for a while and then will be co-opted by the usual gang of dissenters, but will have a big budget (for a while) since they are “doing it for the children”. I do think the message board is prophetic of the fate of the organization. They will come to be dominated by intolerant doctrinaire Lefties who will brook far less dissent from their domination than an American bishop would ever dream of. Ideology abhors a vacuum. This organization, since it is not Catholic, had nothing at its center other than a vague well-meaning urge to react to our bishops nincompoopery. Okay, they’ve reacted. But they haven’t figured out who they are or what they are going to do. So they’ve fallen to demanding power and money while they work that problem out. Now they are falling to shutting up people in their ranks who dare to ask “Who’s Voice? What Faith?” If they don’t stop and reconsider the Tradition, these victims of Stockholm Syndrome will simply become one more draconian leftist forum for bitching and agitation against the Tradition and will completely shut out the possibility of real reform in favor of another failed revolution. They may linger on for a few years. Eventually they’ll peter out.