Unleash the Power of the Blog!

Okay, all you converts! Here’s a chance to help somebody who is in your shoes! Sean Roberts writes:

I’m a Catholic newbie in the RCIA process. I was pretty moved by the email you posted from the Protestant struggling with Catholicism. I’m in a similar boat myself (as I wrote to you in response to his plea for help), and the whole thing got me thinking about my own doubts, struggles, etc.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I set up a blog to document my “journey” (it looked too pretentious without the quotes) to Catholic Church. It’s really done out of selfish motives… I have questions and I’m looking for answers. Like the fellow who e-mailed you, I’m having trouble finding somebody to talk to about these things. So, I’m hoping that the blog will aid me in that quest.


Check out his blog and drop him a note when you can!