Bishop Spong Continues to Make Good on his Threat to Keep Writing Books if Christianity Does not Capitulate to His Demands

For example, “A New Christianity for a New World” is a religion book that made the secular bestseller lists, but not CBA’s. In it, Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong denies the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the resurrection of Jesus, the existence of a personal God, and every other tenet of historical Christianity that he can think of. These notions, he says, are not relevant to our culture today. Neither are Christianity’s teachings about morality, particularly when it comes to sex. Extramarital sex and homosexuality are culturally acceptable now, so the church, if it is going to continue to exist, had better change its tune.

Bishop Spong proposes “a new Christianity.” This new faith, he writes, must be able to “incorporate all of our reality. It must be able to allow God and Satan to come together in each of us…. It must unite Christ with Antichrist, Jesus with Judas, male with female, heterosexual with homosexual.” This new Christianity, which amounts to a completely different religion, presumably will still need to employ bishops.

Spong is a walking, talking illustration of Chesterton’s remark somewhere that the man who says, “My critically discerning intellect can no longer credit the doctrine of the Trinity” typically means “I’m sleeping with my neighbor’s wife.” Or as somebody more recently observed, “Modern heresy begins in the groin.” Spong’s books have a peculiar way of gravitating back to sex after their forays into annihilation of all Christian doctrine. One gets the overwhelming impression that the truths of the Faith are being neutralized so that there will be no authoritative rebuke of the indulgence of one’s appetites.