Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss, Part Deux

Voice of the Faithful has shut down all discussion of Debra Haffner (the SIECUS/Planned Parenthood flak whom they invited to speak at one of their conferences). Pete Vere remarks:

Notice that VOTF’s actions in shutting down this thread closely parallel those of many dioceses who cover up priestly pedophilia. In particular:

1) VOTF first denies Debra Haffner’s advocacy of child sexuality, dismissing her critics as a small group of conversative cranks. When that fails, VOTF then attempts to explain away Haffner’s position, while impugning the credibility of her critics. And when that fails, VOTF admin rallies around Haffner, silences the voice of the grass-roots opposition, and blames the opposition for being part of some sort of conspiracy of disenfranchised conservative cranks looking to undermine VOTF.

2) During the above process, VOTF acts arbitrarilly, refusing to be held accountable for its silencing of the concerns of the faithful. What began as a process of transparency becomes darkened at each step. (Don’t bother raising questions about our decision to delete this thread criticizing one of our speakers, we won’t answer and we keep pushing, we will just delete the whole board.)

3) The issue (ie Debra Haffner’s advocacy of child sexuality) is never dealt with. Why? Because she’s an expert with numerous degrees and initials behind her name, and she knows better than ye ignorant proletariat. So it is the same us vs. them mentality taking root.

4) Please send money. VOTF is asking on other threads for people to send money, so that it can continue to demand from the hierarchy what it refuses to provide within its own organization.