Infinite Tolerance as the Prelude to Tyranny

Norwegian blogger has an amazing quote from a Euroweenie “scholar”:

The article quoted a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo (who was described as having “lived for many years in Muslim countries”) as saying that “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes” because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. One reason for the high number of rapes by Muslims, explained the professor, was that in their native countries “rape is scarcely punished,” since Muslims “believe that it is women who are responsible for rape.” The professor’s conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: “Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.

It is common to hear Serious Brow-Furrowed People fretting about Creeping Fascism everytime somebody suggests that it might be a good thing to restrain doctors from tearing newborn babies limb from limb in homage to the spirit of Moloch behind Planned Parenthood. But the historical record does not at all suggest that tyrannies come into existence by creeping. They are born in relatively short periods after long periods of social disintegration. It is widespead chaos, like the French Revolution, or the Russian, or Weimar, that makes people willing to leap at a Napoleon, Stalin, or Hitler to “bring order”. I submit that such chaos comes precisely from the sort of idiocy espoused by people like the buffoon who believes that it is the duty of women to blame themselves for “imposing their values” on Muslim rapists rather than act on the reality that some things are simply evil. As Plato says somewhere, If we will not have Justice as king in our city, we will have pleasure and pain instead. Especially pain.