Another Happy Example of Eupocrisy

David Heddle, who has taken some exception to this blog in the past (and who seems to have the idea that I think calling someone a “eupocrite” is an insult and not, as it actually is, a compliment and a rejoicing over unity) is a solidly Reformed Christian with an interesting blog, some of which I flatly disagree with, and some of which I enjoy quite a bit. The other day, he wrote a post in which he discusses what happens after death. Now, I could be wrong, but my guess is that, as a Reformed Christian, he rejects completely the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. Or at any rate, he thinks he does. But then, he writes that he believes in something he calls the “intermediate state”:

In this view, your soul, immediately upon death, goes to heaven. There you are made perfect in holiness and enjoy a conscious relationship with Christ (and presumably other saints). In that state you await the bodily resurrection to come at the second advent.

To this Catholic, that’s mighty hard to distinguish from a basic belief in Purgatory. For my translation of the very biblical doctrine of Purgatory into Protestantese, go here and here. And, to repeat, I think that’s a good thing, not a bad one. It’s nice to know we’re not so far apart as all that.