New Horizons in Jew Hatred

There really is something demonic at the core of it. I can see no other explanation. Certainly the facile Goldhagenesque “explanation” that chalks it all up to Christianity doesn’t fly here. China’s “Christian heritage” is about as significant as America’s Zoroastrian heritage. And, of course, the Muslim world presents a problem for Goldhagen’s “Blame Christianity” thesis as well. That’s not to excuse Christian hatred of Jews. Some of the nastiest Jew haters I know are Lidless Eye Reactionary Catholics (thankfully a very tiny minority) who reason that Jew hatred has existed among the Church’s members for a long time, ergo it’s part of the Tradition. According to this logic, one could also argue that adultery and murder are part of the Tradition, since they have been committed by Christians for 2000 years too. Indeed, I’ve run into more than one of the Lidless Eye Brigade who list rapprochement with the Jews among the chief sins of Vatican II and, in particular, this Pope. Weird.

Me, I believe hatred of the Jews is just old sin–part of the mysterious “shadow tradition” that pursues the Church through history as the spirit of antichrist plies his trade. It is a sin very close to the heart of Satan–if that black negating void can be called a heart.