And with that, I’m off again for the third and last of my weekend jaunts to teach

This Saturday (9/28) I’m in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, teaching a class on Making Senses Out of Scripture at Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Barling, Arkansas, (just east of Ft. Smith, AR) from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sponsors of the seminar are Sacred Heart Of Mary Church in Barling, AR, and Sts. Sabina and Mary Catholic Church in Jenny Lind, AR. For information people can call the parish office of Sacred Heart of Mary in Barling, AR, at (479)452-1795 or Tom Bonin at (479) 414-5976. Suggested donation is $10/person and and $15/family. Babysitting is available by appointment.

My big fear is how I’m going to break it to the folks there that The Monkey taught dirty limericks to a Sunday school class in Ft. Smith.

By the way, the reason I have to disappear on Fridays to do these weekend things is because I live in Seattle and anything east of the Rockies means one day traveling there, one day to do the thing, one day coming back. If you want more blog, you West Coast people need to hire me. Then I can fly down, do the job, and return on the same day. You’ll get a great speaker *and* you will earn the gratitude of the blogosphere worldwide. Trust me on this.