And while we are discussing disgusting toads, here’s Mike Kelly’s take on Al Gore, the man who makes Clinton look like a paragon of integrity

The only thing Gore did in the past ten years that had a glimmer of grace to it was (finally) bowing out of his failed bid for the presidency when he’d exhausted every bit of legal chicanery he could try. Now he’s back. Quit while you’re ahead, Al.

In other news, the Daschle is committing political suicide again. Nice to see him take the baton from the Stupid Party for a while. When will the little man learn that Clinton had the charm pheromone that made it possible to say stuff like this and sound reasonable to soccer moms, but that this gene is definitely recessive in his case.

Like Reagan, Bush is a very bright president who benefits enormously from letting his enemies think him stupid and themselves geniuses. He can get away with this because, while he lack *verbal* intelligence (the only form of intelligence the chattering classes recognize) he has plenty of other forms of intelligence. And charm and an ability to connect with people. Intellectual pride is the congenital sin of the Left. They don’t know what’s destroying them because they cannot credit their opposition with brains. Pride is the capital sin and sin, among other things, makes you stupid.

Some are born stupid (like Gore). Some achieve stupidity (like Clinton or Jackson). Some have stupidity thrust upon them (like Lieberman.)