Godwin’s Law

One rule of Internet discourse is Godwin’s Law which states (as a rule of thumb, not an inflexible edict from Sinai) that when one party is reduced to comparing the other party to Hitler, Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, they have nothing intelligent to say. This is a rule of thumb, not an iron law, because (as, for example, Sungenis’ quotations of Nazi Robert Ley demonstrate) sometimes there is a real affinity between somebody’s ideas and those of the Nazis. (Though, as I will post later, I don’t think Sungenis a Nazi or even an anti-semite.) But as a general rule, the reliance on comparing somebody to a Nazi is the mark of a rhetorically-challenged dolt who can’t mount an intelligent argument and so must resort to cheap demagoguery. Ramsey Clark (like an increasing number of people on the Left) seem to be following this path, showing once again the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left.