One of my readers…

who is still suffering from “failure to grasp the concept” when it comes to my earlier remarks about comporting yourself like a guest in my living room if you are going to use my comments boxes writes with warm Christian charity concerning this blog:

great post, shea. boy, you really stuck it to those fundie lunatics. good for you. nothing worse than a reformed whore, they always say. sort of like those guys who leave the evangelical faith and then write a bunch of books about how crazy it all is and how superior catholicism turned out to be. you know, books like “By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition” and “This Is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence”

hey mark, where can i get a copy of those audio tapes? send them to:

[name] c/o. satan

babylon, iraq 66666-6666

(666) 666-6666

[signed] is an ex-sinner who doesn’t have any illusions about being better than anyone else.

I asked The Man Who Doesn’t Sin Anymore if he had actually read the introduction to By What Authority?.

no, but i’m sure you’ve got a carefully worded disclaimer to protect yourself from just the sort of criticism i offered. i’ll have my team of lawyers take a look at it. in the meantime, unless those walls of yours are plexiglass, i’d stop throwing stones.

Permit me to translate this comment: “I don’t know anything about you, nor what I’m talking about. But it did feel good to land a punch and congratulate myself for being holy while I did it.” Don’t tell me: tough love, right?

As it happens, I am in fact enormously grateful for my Evangelical roots. I regard my background, not as a ridiculous phase I went through in which I was lied to and from which God rescued me, but as a gift of God in which Evangelicals selflessly gave me gifts I shall never be able to repay. I share Thomas Howard’s conviction that Evangelicals are some of the most noble specimens of the Christian faith anywhere in the world, often living lives of devotion to God that put yer average Catholic to shame.

I write books about the Catholic faith, not to say, “Evangelicals are fundie lunatics” nor to say “how crazy it all is”, but to say that all that I love about Evangelicalism is found in even greater abundance and completion in the Tradition of the Catholic Church, in the hope that Evangelicals and Catholics will come closer together. To say, “Much in Evangelicalism is true and Catholic Faith is the fulfillment of this truth” is not exactly the same as saying Evangelicals are fundie lunatics and are all crazy. But then, I think my reader knew this. Another example of how the Catholic faith sticks in the craw of some people.

Oh, and yes. I will be expecting people to comport themselves better than this guy on my blog. It’s called “common courtesy.”

Which reminds me: kudos to the rest of you. This guy is a stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb exception. Well done, all of you!