CAI continues to twist itself into pretzels to defend the indefensible

Missing in the endless wads of verbiage are the words “We apologize for saying that Judaism teaches Jews can rape infants. We apologize for cutting and pasting a Nazi screed about Roosevelt’s Jewish blood (!) and then defending that screed. We apologize for repeating the falsehood that Kol Nidre allows Jews to break their promises to their fellow man. We apologize for teaching that Judaism regards gentiles as animals who can be cheated and even killed with impunity. We apologize for pretending to be Talmud scholars and posting as undisputable fact a whole range of high dubious junk cut and pasted from sources we never bothered to question or criticize. We apologize for quietly removing the most egregious anti-Jewish garbage we had cut and pasted into our screeds (thereby testifying by our actions that we knew it was garbage) and yet continuing to speak of our critics as though their criticism of our stuff was utterly and completely unjustified. We apologize for encouraging Holocaust deniers with our rhetoric about the mass slaughter of Jews by Hitler being “mere propaganda.” We apologize for cutting off communication with those who have tried privately to reason with us. We apologize for demanding endless ‘benefit of doubt’ for ourselves while insisting on reading the documents of Jews in the darkest possible way.”

That’s why I continue to say that Sungenis’ ministry should not be touched with a barge pole. I wonder how long it will be before Petersnet red-lights them, EWTN deep sixes every tape with Bob on it, and every serious Catholic website and media outlet in the civilized world severs its links with CAI? This will be an interesting test of how fast news travels in the age of the Internet. Maybe al-Jazeera will pick them up.

No one can defend the indefensible and CAI’s self-congratulating back-patting from the few Lidless Eye troglodytes who know how to operate a keyboard and hit “send” will not help. The simple fact is it is not true that Judaism teaches it is okay to rape infant girls. It is not true that the Holocaust did not happen. It is not true that Kol Nidre gives Jews carte blanche to break promises. It is not true that Judaism regards gentiles as animals whom you can cheat and kill with impunity. And it is therefore not true that Bob knows what he’s talking about in his confident pronouncements about Judaism. There are lots and lots of ways to critique indifferentism. There are lots and lots of ways to assert the superior claims of the Catholic faith over the Old Covenant. But you do not get there by spitting on the commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Till that is renounced, I will proudly list myself as one of the mortal opponents of the junk CAI is purveying in the name of the Faith and I will endorse the call to stay far, far away from CAI and its works and ways.