A reader writes concerning the “Trolling Trolling” blog below

During my tenure in the Dominican Republic, there were several former Catholics who worked at the school. Criticism of the RC was frequent and vehement. That is, until our Director, raised I believe Nazarene, made the following statement regarding this criticism: “Far be it from me to ever question or criticize God’s methods for bringing His children closer to Him.”

This, understandably enough, gave certain individuals “pause to consider.” Particularly, considering the fact that much of their foundational christianity was composed of “dogma and doctrine” from the RCC.

Like a man who leaves his love because of some imagined slight, he no longer regards her as “The most wonderful woman I have ever met!” Nay, now she is “That hateful bitch that I’m glad to be free of!” Thus do we fools slander freedom.

I think this is important because it highlights a fact often overlooked by Catholics with the itch to polemicize: namely that there are many “Protestants” who aren’t protesting anything and are, in fact, like that Nazarene Director, full of charity and not the urge to bash Catholics. To polemists of all stripes, perhaps the best thing to do is learn about the people you might feel an itch to pontificate about.