Decisions, decisions

I’m writing the January 2003 issue of My Daily Visitor and they asked for an author blurb. Which one do you prefer?

Mark Shea was raised by wolves after his interstellar craft crash-landed in the 5th Century BC in what would become Northern Alberta, Canada. Able to assume a human appearance at will, Shea has constructed a number of androids whom he calls his “wife and children” in order to maintain a respectable disguise among you hairless bipeds as he continues broadcasting coordinates for the Vegan invasion fleet that is bearing down on your planet even as you read this. Hopefully, you will have time to finish his article before the proton bombardment begins and annihilates all life on your puny, insignificant world.


Mark Shea

January’s guest writer is the author of Making Senses Out of Scripture (Basilica) and By What Authority? (Our Sunday Visitor) as well as hundreds of magazine articles. He lives near Seattle with his wife and their four boys. Check out his website at