Sherry Weddell of the magnificent St Catherine of Siena Institute has a question

The Siena Institute, for them what don’t know, is a terrific apostolate dedicated to helping lay Catholics discern their charisms so that they can live out their vocation in the New Evangelization. If you haven’t had them to your parish for a “Called and Gifted Workshop” you don’t know what you are missing and you should drop everything and begin begging your priest to invite them out. I absolutely guarantee you will rejoice that you did. I rave about their work periodically and have to be calmed down with cookies and milk since I think they are doing hugely important stuff that will benefit the Church on a global scale for many generations. Rave, rave, enthuse, enthuse, promote, promote! Siena! Yeah!

Well, anyway, Sherry writes:

A question for all lay Catholics, especially for those whose vocation is secular but also open to lay people working within the institutional Church:

Do you feel personally acknowledged and supported by the Church in your vocation? If not, would you welcome more direct acknowledgement and support? In your opinion, what kind of specific acknowledgement/support from the Church would help? How much of this support could happen in your local parish? What part would need to come from the clergy and what part could lay Catholics provide for one another? If you know of a diocese/parish or group that are effectively providing this acknowledgement/support for lay Catholics in their vocations, we’d love to hear about it as well.

Sherry will be checking my comments boxes for your feedback so: Discuss, class.