John Betts continues to chronicle the implosion of Bob Sungenis

…and calls for a boycott of his “ministry”. Sounds sensible to me. Most recent developments, the entire Canadian arm of Catholic Apologetics International has folded up shop in protest over Bob’s nutty screeds about the Jews. (Please keep them in prayer. They gotta eat and now they have no job.) Bill Cork continues to document the various iterations of JewScreed 2.0, 3.0 and so forth as Bob quietly removes the most egregious bits while refusing to acknowledge that he has ever, ever, ever done anything wrong–ever. Too late, Bob. Attentive readers, I am told, have saved your original stuff and will be bringing it to the attention of your bishop. When he responds and takes away your right to call your ministry “Catholic”, don’t blame it on the Sinister Homosexual Conspiracy trying to silence your valiance.Blame it on the fact that you published Nazi crap which even you know is crap (which is why you’ve quietly removed it) and yet which you refuse to admit was crap (which is why you publish screeds against your critics while never admitting you’ve done anything wrong.) Meanwhile, Bob has now hired new help to replace the uppity staff who dared to challenge his kookiness and (surprise!) these people are quite sure that Bob is right and everybody else is wrong–and mean. At least one of them is a member of and advocate for the schismatic SSPX.

CAI still continues to advertise itself as green-lighted by Petersnet, even though Petersnet has removed the link to CAI from its site and will, as I am sure, be putting a huge red-light up very soon. I’m sure the webmaster at CAI will correct this oversight soon. Speaking of vanishing links, all but the most fever swamp reactionary Catholic web apostolates are removing links to CAI. Apparently, most Catholics don’t hold with Sungenis’ notions that few Jews died in the Holocaust, that it was “mere propaganda”, that Jews are encouraged by their tradition to regard gentiles as animals and infant girls as fits objects of sexual intercourse, and that Roosevelt’s Jewish blood is what led to our involvement in WW2. Oh, and of course, the Pope is leading the Church astray and only Bob Sungenis and other True Catholics[TM] in the Lidless Eye Secret Brotherhood of the Persecuted Remnant can save us.