bin Laden’s been dead for months. I think this guy’s on the level. An ego as towering as bin Laden’s couldn’t stand to be out of circulation this month. We would have seen a “Nyah nyah, you missed me!” video on al-Jazeer by now. He’s dead, dead, dead. The divine plan did not pan out. Next, let’s find and kill Mullah Omar, who was promised by something claiming to be God (in a perfectly delphic oracle) that he would rule Afghanistan as long as he lived.

And another thing, al-Quaeda is not staffed with the super-villain criminal geniuses our fears exaggerate them to be. A lot of these guys are rock stoopid. Just look at the 20th hijacker who is defending himself on trial right now. He has a cretin for a lawyer. Have hope people. A lot of these guys are not prizewinners in the brains department.