A reader comments:

Here’s a story about Christopher Reeve’s anger at the church for opposing embryonic stem cell research:

Let’s ignore, for the moment, the fact that there are plenty of good sources of stem cells other than embryonic tissue. And, let’s not get our feathers ruffled by his disdain for the church – God knows he’s suffering and for most, suffering is very difficult to bear. His disdain is understandable given his perception that the Church is impeding his cure.

Let’s consider this instead: Christopher Reeves, at least as it appears, has turned his faith to science. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead he turned his whole heart to God, and through the intercession of the Church he disdains, his condition were cured? Would

it be too much to ask for prayers for him?

Sounds good to me. Reeves is just flat wrong about stem cell research and the Church is right. Doesn’t mean he can’t use our prayers.

UPDATE: Reeve apologized to Catholics. He still wrong to advocate fetal stem cell use, but at least he has the grace to apologize for slamming the Church.