The Implosion of Bob Sungenis

Several people have contacted Bob privately and urged him to abandon his attack on the Jews, much as they urged him to abandon his peculiar determination to insist on geocentrism. No dice. I’ve been kill-filed. Others are persona non grata with Bob.

James Scott over at TCR News took Bob to task for his choice to cut and paste junk about the Jews on his site. Bob now writes the unfortunate follow-up in which he argues in essence, “Everything I say is always right and nothing I say is ever wrong” and then threatens suit against Scott and spices it up with the classic “some of my best friends are Jews” line. He also quotes Canon 212 from the Code of Canon Law to show that this is all just ducky. Pete Vere (one of the best canonists in the country) demonstrates that Bob knows as much about canon law as he does about astrophysics and the Jews. Bob responds with another screed to the effect that “everything I say is always right and nothing I say is ever wrong.”

Meanwhile, as Bill Cork is chronicling Bob has made the bizarre choice to post Nazi literature on his website (arguing that Roosevelt was a Jew?!). He’s also calling the figure of six million Jews dead in the Holocaust “mere propaganda” and “highly exaggerated”. Since Bill pointed out to him that he is uncritically cutting and pasting Nazi sources (Robert Ley, 1942), Bob has been making little cosmetic changes to a couple of bits of text, but also saying “Just because he was a Nazi doesn’t make the information untrue.” Translation: “Everything I say is always right and nothing I say is ever wrong”

Other sundry amazing true facts asserted by Sungenis: Paul VI had “Jewish blood” (and this matters how?), WWI and US involvement in WW2 were both Jewish plots. Jews control the UN, and, of course, ecumenism is a Jewish plot too.

I have a feeling Bob’s bishop (Paul Loverde of the Arlington VA diocese) is going to be getting a lot of mail soon. I tend to think he needs a loose cannon “Catholic Apologetics ministry” that cites Nazi literature and buys into Holocaust revisionism like he needs a hole in the head.

Sensibly, John Betts is now echoing Scott by urging Catholics not to touch Bob’s Catholic Apologetics International ministry with a barge pole. Several sites (basically, anybody who has become aware of Sungenis’ meltdown) are hastening to remove links to CAI from their sites.