Back from Steubenville!

Arrived very late last night and tumbled into bed. Rose late. Took the kidlets off to the homeschool co-op. Plowed through a ton of email. Finally read my blog comments a minute ago. It’s so nice to see folks can go on without me. Maybe I’ll just start posting single word topics like “Divorce” or “Abortion” or “Naked Mole Rats” and then see how this verbal Rorschach blot causes people to respond in the comments box.

One of my readers has very mysteriously accepted my surrender about something, but since they neither gave their name nor troubled to inform me what I was surrendering about I’m at something of a loss as to what I am surrendering, where I should lay down my flag and whom I should stop shooting at. I therefore propose a contest:

Help Mark Surrender Graciously!

Readers are invited tell me what I should surrender, to whom I should surrender it and how I should do so. I, of course, as Supreme Plenipotentiary and Lord High Executioner of Catholic and Enjoying it! will decide which answer is best and will award One Full Day of Esteem to the Winner. Do be sure to sign your name to the entry or we will be back to square one.