John Mallon Answers a Gripe


Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 16:39:00 -0500


I feel compelled to write in response to the editorial by “John Mallon . . . contributing editor at Inside the Vatican magazine” recently published in the Boston Globe. I am once again shamed by those who call themselves leaders of the Catholic church. The type of innuendo driven, ad hominem attack contained in that editorial is worthy of muckraking politics, not what should be a debate among caring and believing Christians over what is clearly a crisis in the church. I point to the following particular example: The people in Voice of the Faithful imply in their clamor for ”reform” that their authority trumps that of the bishops. They do not specify what they mean by ”reform,” but if they mean the ordination of priestesses and the blessing of promiscuity, adultery, abortion, or contraception, the wait will be even longer than they imagine. There is not a syllable in Vatican II that gives any reason to expect these changes. What part of ”Infallible Teaching” don’t they understand? Having watched the defense of Bill Clinton by persons such as James Carville over the years, that is the type of attack I would expect from them, not an editor of a Catholic publication. Mr. Mallon knows full well that at no time has Voice of the Faithful ever espoused the ordination of women or any of the other odious doctrines with which he tries to tar the organization. To paraphrase: Which part of humility and charity doesn’t he understand? Unfortunately this is just more of the imperious attitude shown by the Church hierarchy throughout this crisis. A little less of the attitude of the Medici and Borgias, and a little more Pope John would be welcome. And please, stop the name calling. Its undignified.


From: John Mallon

Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 22:47:36 -0500


Dear X,

Your letter was forwarded to me from Inside the Vatican. Could you please give me an example of innuendo, ad hominem attacks, muckraking, uncharity and name calling in my article? I can easily provide you with pages of documentation of extremely questionable attitudes and positions held by “Voice of the Faithful.”

If that group supports authentic Church teachings let them say so in a public statement of support for them. They have back-peadled considerably after coming under intense pressure after having Deborah Haffner, former president of the fiercely anti-Catholic group SIECUS address their conference.

If they are indeed “faithful,” let them affirm it with an oath of fidelity. Meanwhile, I await your examples of innuendo, ad hominem attacks, muckraking, uncharity and name calling in my article.

Personally, I believe it was a false notion of charity and “caring” that placed us in the current mess.

Thank you for writing,


John Mallon

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