A team of professional movers will use ropes, levers and pullies to move Ted Kennedy into the Senate chamber to hold hearings on this

I’m not an apologist for multinational corps. I think they do often treat people wretchedly (Nestle’s among them). As a Catholic, the center of my social theory is the family, not the individual (the fetish of libertarians), the state (the fetish of leftists) or the corporation (the fetish of the leaders of the Stupid aka Republican party). So my dig at Kennedy should not be taken as a Rush Limbaugh endorsement for unfettered corporate rapaciousness in the third world. Insofar as something is good for the family, it’s good. Insofar as it harms the family, it’s evil. My problem with Kennedy is that he claims to be a champion of the downtrodden, but is actually an enemy of the family.