From the “How to Make Yourself a Completely Ignored Bishop” file

Bishop Gerald Gettlefinger of the Diocese of Evansville IN graces a grieving nation with these comforting words for the first anniversary of 9/11 (in the Evansville diocesan paper):

September 11, 2002: A year later

“I worry! Have those in our hall of government moved beyond frontier justice? Has there been a conversion of heart not to repeat the subjugation of “less powerful” to “reservations” under its authority? Lest you forget, note what the United States and Canada did to native Americans by condemning them to harsh conditions on designated “Reservations” after wresting the land from them.

Have we learned anything from the apparent motives of those who used our own technology, arrogance, power, energy and smugness against us in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Let us never forget that those who terrorized us were committed to the mission of “getting our attention.” They died for their cause—just to get our attention!

The message from the oppressed has been very clear. Power to trammel on the rights and to take advantage of impoverished needs of its citizens under the guise of “national security” (translated into financial benefit) does not exonerate the United States, nor any other nation bent on the same course, from accusations of oppression.

Must we Americans continue to be blind? Must we continue to be deaf? Have we forgotten the haunting ballads of the late 1960’s? How many more must die?

Our president and his colleagues must learn to listen to those who counsel him from nations and territories beyond our borders. So must we!

Terrorism is terrorism under any title. “National Security” seems to be just another title for the same.”

A year ago, “America Deserved It” and “9/11 was a plea for attention by socially concerned activists” were opinions so beneath contempt (as strange bedfellows Jerry Falwell and Noam Chomsky discovered) that no thinking person could express them without getting a well-deserved howl of derision. This year, a bishop who allowed two priests to remain active despite sexual improprieties (including having a collection of 92 hard-core child porn videos) and who wrote “As bishop and priest I, too, become a victim of sexual abuse of minors by priests” repeats exactly the same sort of stuff. Gee, thanks.

Memo to the bishop. Bin Laden was not “oppressed”. The authors of 9/11 were not poor, nor did they give a rip about the poor (just ask the Afghans who experienced their haughty contempt up close). They were upper class and, in bin Laden’s case, extremely wealthy jihadists who simply wanted to kill for Allah.

Honor your father, honor your father, honor your father, Mark. Breathe. Breathe.