Speaking of Whom…

A reader writes:

I lifted this from ZENIT. It appears the Holy Father has found the key for GWB to attack Iraq.

As Sept. 11 approaches, John Paul II appealed to world leaders to combat terrorism by fighting its roots, especially injustice and oppression.

To respond to terrorism means “to undertake new and creative political, diplomatic and economic initiatives aimed at relieving the scandalous situations of gross injustice, oppression and marginalization which continue to oppress countless members of the human family,” the Pope said Saturday.

“History, in fact, shows that the recruitment of terrorists is more easily achieved in areas where human rights are trampled upon and where injustice is a part of daily life,” the Holy Father said, when receiving the letters of credence of Kathryn Frances Colvin, the new ambassador of Great Britain to the Vatican.

Since the injustice and oppression (especially of women) is inflicted upon the people by the middle-Eastern governments, the best way to eradicate the roots of terrorism would be to take out those governments that are guilty of such flagrant abuse of human rights. I say, let’s start with Iraq and pray for the domino affect.

It’s not the Western nations, (US) that are keeping these people down, it’s their own un-elected leaders.

I realize this is not a “Just War” argument, just an agreement with the Holy Father. After all, a pre-emptive strike is a “new and creative political” initiative.