I don’t recall likening the coming war with Dresden but…

a reader writes in with some intelligent comments:

I was struggling with the comparisons you and others made regarding the Dresden bombing and the Iraq War plans.

I was thinking if Dresden’s bombing was really morally unjustifiable and the Nuremberg trials were about bringing justice to the men who committed atrocities — why were the bombers of Dresden not included?

In my research I learned that one crime which Hermann Goering was not accused of was the indiscriminate bombing of civilians.The reason is obvious — had this charge been included in the indictment, Air Chief Marshall Arthur Harris RAF would have been in the dock as well. This gives rise to the cynical thought that the victors write the rules after surrender.

The difference which for me makes the Iraqi War plans a just war is that not a moral change but a technological one. The United States has the ability to achieve military victory without indiscriminate bombing of civilians. As is the case in the areas of the Palestinian Authority, Iraq violates the Geneva Conventions by co-locating military facilities in densely populated areas.

All of men connected to the Dresden bombing are now beyond human justice, and biographies of Churchill include his approval of this atrocity which he denied authorizing after the war.

As for the American leadership, I believe they can conduct the coming war as a just war and bring liberation to the Iraqi people.