Cliff Garner pulls a David Brock

Blames everybody else, says he can’t live a lie, then expects that, after a rich full life of keeping people in the dark about his involvement in outfits like St. Sebastian’s, we should now take his word for it that he’s telling the truth. Or rather, that he’s “Living in the light of my own truth”, which is perfectly accurate. Meanwhile, the guy who blew the whistle on St. Sebastian’s Angels sets the record straight on Garner’s whiny tissue of, uh, inaccuracies about the warm and fuzzy place that was St. Sebastians:

According to Mr. Garner, “The priests involved in that Web site were like me. They were looking for the kind of companionship and solidarity that would help them minister with integrity. …these were also deeply spiritual men, and their prayerful support and unconditional acceptance nurtured my soul.” Many of the members did indeed offer and ask for prayerful support. A priest from Atlanta asked for prayers when his married lover had to return to his wife and children in another state. An Australian priest shared a morning prayer he had written that, among other things, asked God to bless his “orgasm.”

Not to mention the support for Bp. Cawcutt’s death wish for JPII and Garner’s own celebration of hot young Latin males. Brady is all wet about the invalidity of orders for gay priests. But most of the rebuttal is a refreshing bit of clean air after Garner’s self-pitying rant.