A reader writes…

Here in the archdiocese of Oklahoma City we are especially involved in the statements being made by Gov. Keating that have caused an uproar (to leave our dioceses for Mass, etc.) – especially with our own Archbishop Beltran. But then, we pick up the diocesan newspaper and find that the author of the report at the link is coming to speak at our own cathedral. As a writer who has written in defense of our bishop against Gov. Keating’s statements in the local newspaper, this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if I’ve lost my sanity. Thought you might be interested.

Read the link. Baby boomer narcissism in chemical purity. “We, we, we” What an unbelievably fabulous generation we Boomers are!

“Remember. Imagine. We are involved in the civil rights struggle. We teach in inner city schools and begin community organizations. We conduct and participate in “undoing racism” workshops.

Vietnam is happening. We are choosing whether or not to go to Vietnam. We march, protest, demonstrate, serve as draft counselors, go to prison. We exercise loyal dissent in the country that we love. After the end of the war, we teach and lobby for an end to nuclear weapons and for the passage of disarmament treaties.

We participate in the first Earth Day. We experience the rebellions in Watts, Newark, Detroit, and we recommit ourselves to the city, to the disenfranchised. We participate in the feminist movement calling for equality in our society and participation in decision-making. We begin to acknowledge that our brothers and sisters are gay and lesbian.”

And so on endlessly for one self-congratulatory paragraph after another, concluding with (get this): “To enter into contemplation is to lose one’s ego”. That’s rich.

To all Gen Y and Millennium Gen folks, remember Kathy Shaidle’s happy words of consolation: In thirty years they’ll all be dead.