Klinghoffer on the Insanity of Liberal Jews

Condemning anti-semitic twaddle is not the same as saying Jews are above criticism. David Klinghoffer does a nice job of spotlighting one of the great idiocies of Jewish life in the US: the absolutely crazy rancor directed at Evangelicals by outfits like the ADL and the AJC. As Rabbi Daniel Lapin notes, the real religion for a huge number of American Jews is liberalism, not Judaism. Just as Catholics have to contend with AmChurch, many Jews have to contend with Judaism Lite, a religion whose holy text is the NY Times, whose sacred ritual food is the bagel, whose defining sacred event in religious history is not the Exodus, but the Holocaust, whose prophet is Barbara Streisand, and whose congregation is not a synagogue but the mailing list of NARAL. (Remember: these are the rabbi’s observations, not mine–admittedly paraphrased and with apologies if I’m not remembering them precisely.) It is taking many Jews an inordinately long time to realize they are stuck in a ghetto of the Democratic party’s construction and are so devoted to it that they consistently spit at their real friends and allies out of sheer habit and bigotry against conservatives and Christians. A pity.