Memo to Jew Haters: Buh-bye!

I’m not a complete libertarian in the realm of ideas. There are conversations I don’t believe it is worth my time to have–or moderate. If somebody wants to fill up my comments boxes on the “question” of whether Hitler got a bad rap, or “Incest: A Sensitive Reappraisal” or “Let’s Take a Second Look at Stalin: Was He Really So Bad?” or “The Jews Had it Coming” or “Favorite Jokes about Karen Ann Quindlen” I feel no moral obligation to give them a forum and I feel completely impervious to their cries of “censorship!” There are some conversations just not worth the powder to blow them to a well-deserved hell. The internet is a big place. They can get their own blog.

Therefore, I have taken the step, for the first time, of banning a reader who insists on defending Jew-smearing poison. I mention this for two reasons: First, to redeem this reader’s participation in my blogs by letting his life serve as a warning to others and second, out of fairness, so that his interlocutors (thankfully, there are several of these) will not think he simply clammed up on them.

I clammed him up. He has a perfect right to his vile and evil opinions and to his defense of the vile and evil opinions of other Jew-bashers. He does not have a perfect right to use my blog to express them. Let him get his own blog.