Why I find Cardinal Mahony’s behavior so revolting

A well-placed source told this digit that Mahony’s minions had these anti-protest protesters brought in to make it appear that the archdiocese’s hugely Hispanic membership supports the cardinal. When one of the protesters was asked in Spanish what the sign he was carrying proclaimed, he said he didn’t know. He said a priest in South L.A. had asked him and his cohorts to appear. This monolingual digit was able to find two people in the group who spoke halting English. “We are here to protect our church. I don’t want nobody to damage our church,” a woman who identified herself as Maria said. “Those people who are protesting don’t know nothing about our religion.” When The Finger asked another counterprotester nearby if he’d heard of the pedophilia scandal racking the church, he said he hadn’t. “That cannot be true!” he declared.

He bobs, he weaves, he plays the media like a fiddle. He faces his own neglect of office by hiring a public relations firm. He declares he’s been an advocate of zero tolerance for years while keeping Carl Sutphin around. He paints himself as the Voice of Reform and assures us that, oh yes, that awful Cdl. Law has to go, I, the Voice of Reform, will see to that. And now this revolting exploitation of pious Hispanics. I hope the author of this piece has gotten a bum steer and his source was wrong. I don’t enjoy regarding Cdl. Mahony with horror and revulsion. But so far he’s given me many reasons to and precious little reason not to. When I read of SNAP people shut out and glitterati sashaying in, I can’t help but think of the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man.