How to Not Convince Me that War with Iraq meets Just War criteria

Several commenters down below have gone at it hammer and tongs and have gotten periodically diverted into arguing that the nuclear attacks on civilian populations in Japan were just.

Ahem: Noncombatant Immunity: civilians may not be the object of direct attack, and military personnel must take due care to avoid and minimize indirect harm to civilians;

This is an integral part of Just War teaching in the Catholic tradition. Tossing out cliches like “War is hell” and so forth, does not square the circle for me. There is simply no way to reconcile something like the targeting of civilians at Nagasaki or Dresden with Just War. Period. So repeated appeals to these as somehow constituting a legitimate precedent for whatever it is we might choose to do in Iraq is a really bad way to begin an argument for war, in my book.

This does not mean I have rejected the idea of war with Iraq. It merely means that those who are arguing for it need to make their case more tightly.

Just a slight course correction for all arguers. Continue.