A Belgian-American writes:

Since I’m not Native American in the PC sense of the term I can’t properly have a Native American animal spirit guide. But being almost entirely of Gaulish/Teutonic stock I feel entitled to a European vegetable guide to spirits. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve managed a very satisfying relationship with brewers’ yeast. What more could a Belgian ask for?


by G.K. Chesterton


“Why shouldn’t I have a purely vegetarian drink? Why shouldn’t I take vegetables in their highest form, so to speak? The modest vegetarians ought to stick to wine or beer, plain vegetable drinks, instead of filling their goblets with the blood of bulls and elephants, as all conventional meat-eaters do, I suppose”–Dalroy.

You will find me drinking rum,

Like a sailor in a slum,

You will find me drinking beer like a Bavarian

You will find me drinking gin

In the lowest kind of inn

Because I am a rigid Vegetarian.

So I cleared the inn of wine,

And I tried to climb the sign,

And I tried to hail the constable as “Marion.”

But he said I couldn’t speak,

And he bowled me to the Beak

Because I was a Happy Vegetarian.

Oh, I know a Doctor Gluck,

And his nose it had a hook,

And his attitudes were anything but Aryan;

So I gave him all the pork

That I had, upon a fork

Because I am myself a Vegetarian.

I am silent in the Club,

I am silent in the pub.,

I am silent on a bally peak in Darien;

For I stuff away for life

Shoving peas in with a knife,

Because I am a rigid Vegetarian.

No more the milk of cows

Shall pollute my private house

Than the milk of the wild mares of the Barbarian

I will stick to port and sherry,

For they are so very, very,

So very, very, very, Vegetarian.