The great thing about Homeschooling…

is the field trips. To inaugurate our year, we are at the zoo today. Sadly, we will not be searching for Native American Animal Spirit Guides.

By the way, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo features a memorial to Jimi Hendrix (go here and scroll down to read about it), put there through the pluck and determination of listeners of KZOK, Seattle’s “classic rock” station. I know a woman who’s a leader in the Seattle African-American community who was approached by these guys, begging for her support for this vitally needed community project.

Her question: “Why the zoo? Doesn’t that send a rather odd message?” She declined to support the project.

Nothing daunted, they soldiered on, and now there’s a plaque to Jimi in the zoo.

And yes, it does send a very weird message.