My Reader Writes Back

…concerning the Quetzlcoatl thing….

I’m waiting to see a photo to be sent by a friend w/a digital camera, but I’m not hopeful. The description I read is not Christianity conquering pagan gods, but Christianity being one of many. Robert Graham, the artist who created the doors, did a statue honoring Q. for the city of San Jose a few years ago. Q. is not just a vaguely acceptable pagan god; for his sake, human beings had their hearts ripped out of their chests while still beating. I think this is as close to satanism as you can get without being the real thing. Besides, there’s a strong movement underway in California to have devotion to Q., and not the “colonialist” Our Lady of Guadalupe, be the rallying point for Mexican identity. This must be resisted no matter what.

Hmmmm… Well, I’ll withhold judgement till I’ve seen a decent picture of the thing and heard from you incipient Sister Wendy’s out there before I make up my mind. Out here in pagan Seattle I’m used to a fair amount of Native American art finding it’s way into some expressions of Christianity. Yet some of it is quite harmless. So I tend to be cautious about immediately assuming the worst and about immediately assuming it’s all just fine. The question is always: Is the intent to fill pagan forms with Christian content or to fill Christian forms with pagan content? The former is often (not always) redemptive (like when John cribbed the pagan idea of the Logos from Greco-Roman philosophy and filled it with Christian content). The latter is always and only evil and pernicious. My question: which is the use of the Quetzlcoatl image on the Great Bronze Doors?