Law: “For the Good of the Church”

A past sin repented by the Cardinal? Fine. Okay. Great. But what about this?:

“The accusation counters Law’s sworn deposition in the Rev. Paul R. Shanley civil case, in which Law reportedly claimed he dealt with only one abuser priest – the Rev. Leonard Chambers – during his tenure as head of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.

It’s also at odds with Law’s answer to a direct question about the abuse, asked by Roderick MacLeish Jr., a lawyer representing Rodney Ford, who was present at the deposition which concluded two weeks ago. Ford’s son Gregory, is an alleged victim of Shanley.

“He said he had no recollection whatsoever of any child coming to him complaining about abuse by a priest,” Ford said, adding the cardinal did remember McHugh.”

I can conclude only two things from this: Either Cardinal Law did not prepare for his testimony by going over the files of all the abuse cases so that he’d remember stuff like this or, he’s not telling the truth. What other options are there? And if he’s not telling the truth still, at this late date, when all the excuses about mistakenly listening experts etc, blah blah are over, then what the use? Charity believeth all things and so I hope this discrepancy in his testimony is due to bad preparation and the ongoing case of shellshock to appears to afflict the Cardinal since January. But it’s still pretty depressing to watch. I wonder who they will replace him with, whenever he goes.