Tales of the Semi-Explained

A reader sez:

A little over 20 years ago I was about 3 months pregnant with my first child. My husband was asleep in the car, and I was driving the 200 miles home from a visit to family. Some time around midnight, on a very quiet country highway, I decided I needed to turn left into a roadside all-night café to get some coffee. I slowed almost to a stop and started to turn left. I was interrupted by a very sudden, strong impression of having been told “no” by a very determined voice. I hadn’t heard anything with my ears at all, but I hesitated for a half second or so, thinking “that’s peculiar.” I started to proceed with my turn across the highway, and this time it felt like my shoulders had been physically pulled back into my seat, with a very commanding sense of “no!” again. I had just enough time to wrinkle my forehead and start on some version of “what the..” when a semi truck blew past me between me and the café. Both incidents couldn’t possible have taken more than 3 or 4 seconds all together. I have a very bad tendency not to use my rear-view mirror. If I had turned we would have been struck by the semi, no question.

I’ve remembered that incident. I once told it to a friend who said, “well, what about the people who don’t get warned?” I guess it was just their time. Maybe my guardian angel was just saying it wasn’t my time, and maybe it was my husband’s, saying it wasn’t his time. Maybe it was my baby’s guardian angel. Maybe I caught an unconscious glimpse of the semi in a mirror. For what it’s worth.

Jody is very grateful for that second-to-last line. He will be able to expand it from a guarded guess into a dogma in no time. He needs to. For his creed demands it. Me, I’m open to either natural or supernatural possibilities, or a little of both.