Surprise! I pretty much agree with locdog’s take on the Catholic Faith

Quickly going point by point:

1. Agreed.

2. Again, agreed. Catholics don’t buy the Once Saved, Always Saved scenario.

3. Again, agreed. The Church does not teach that only those in visible communion with the Catholic Church will be saved. Indeed, there are a couple of Arian saints in the Roman Martyrology. If She did think only Catholic could be saved, ecumenism would be completely impossible. The basic rule of thumb is “No salvation outside the Church” coupled with “We don’t know where ‘outside’ is.”

4. Agreed. And generously spoken. Thanks.

5. Agreed. However, for Catholics this begins to get into questions of “What Christ has commanded” not merely “optional worship styles.” For Catholics, the liturgy is, quite simply, what Christ has commanded us to do. We can’t opt out of it or we disobey what Christ has commanded. I don’t object to other forms of prayer, just so long as they don’t replace the liturgy since the Church quite literally exists because of and for the Eucharist.

6. Agreed.

7. And this is the only part where, naturally, I think locdog is mistaken. The Faith is a whole weave and the bits he doesn’t like cannot be removed. The priesthood, the Marian doctrines, and supremely, the Real Presence in the Eucharist are absolutely integral to Catholic faith. Get rid of them and you’ve not trimmed the fat, you’ve beheaded the Church and torn out its heart, which is the Eucharist, the living and substantial presence of Christ in our midst.

I agree that catechesis often sucks in the Catholic Church and that this can lead to legalism or superstition. But the solution to this is not to get rid of aspects of the faith that don’t happen to appeal to you. That indeed, is precisely why catechesis sucks. Too many catechists are trying to tame the faith to their suburban view of life and whatever it is they think current PC standards demand. The real answer is to proclaim the whole faith–even the bits we dislike–so that we will be challenged and changed by God’s revelation and not just try to make it a lap dog of our whims.

On the whole though, I agree with locdog’s remarks.