Tales of the Unexplained, Part 5

A friend of mine (Dan O’Neill, president of Mercy Corps) once had lunch with a miracle. Or rather the recipient of a miracle. Round about 1920, this guy had been an infant in the care of nuns working at one of St. Frances Cabrini’s hospitals. He had an eye infection and one of the nurses was supposed to give him a 5% silver nitrate (I think) solution.

She accidently gave him 100% solution. By the time she discovered her mistake several hours later, his eyes were gone.

The nuns began a novena to Frances Cabrini. To their astonishment, when they removed the bandages, his eyes were there again. All that remained were two small scars on the bridge of his nose. The miracle was evidence in her canonization. He grew up and became a priest and was present at her canonization in the 40s.