Tales of the Unexplained, Commentary

By the way, several things should be noted. First, you’ll note that while I think such things are happening all over the world, I don’t think it is typical for them to happen to everybody everyday. Certain people do have charisms of miracles and healing (see, f’rinstance St. Padre Pio, who seems to have been abundantly graced in this department). At the same time, I don’t think the things I’ve mentioned here are all that rare. My own suspicion is that most people have curious stories like this in their background, only they think everybody will react to them like they’re nuts or liars. Most people that bear witness to such events (usually when it’s dragged out of them or they feel extremely safe and among friends) are not exhibitionist, liars, or lunatics, but are ordinary people who are amazed, awestruck and a little creeped out by such things. I post such things not because I think my experiences unusual but because I think them average.